Service Charter – Associate Members

The Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (AACB) is a member-based non-profit organisation committed to:

  • Proactively promoting the benefits of Accredited Certification to the broader community;
  • Increasing awareness of ethical certification amongst members’ peers;
  • Openly sharing information amongst full member bodies for the collective advancement of all parties; and
  • Establishing relationships with global peers, then to work in collaboration with these bodies to provide a strong and unified voice for coordinated change in the industry.

To assist in the achievement of these objectives, the AACB is committed to proactively sharing information with Associate Member bodies/persons related to the:

  • Benefits of holding Accredited Certification;
  • Activities undertaken by the AACB Membership (i.e., full members) to improve awareness of Accredited Certification in the broader community and also how the Association is working to improve the industry in general; and
  • How the Associate Member can use their Certification status to confidently market themselves to the global marketplace.

All Associate Members should expect timely and transparent communication of information appropriate for this member grade and prompt responses when questions are raised. Should for whatever reason this not be the case, the Associate Members’ representative is encouraged to voice their concerns to the AACB Secretary, or in the event that the concern relates to the Secretary, directly to the Chairperson.


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