Standards Australia Committees

AACB members nominate representatives for various technical and scheme committees. In order to be eligible for such a position,  nominated representatives must agree to comply with the following rules:

AACB Representatives on Committees should truly represent the views of the AACB and not any specific views of a particular CB.
AACB Representatives should consult with the Chair (or in his/her absence, any other Office Holder) on any contentious issue or to be advised of AACB’s views on any matter.
AACB Representatives should forward any minutes or summaries of meetings/decisions made to the Secretary.
If unable to attend a meeting, AACB Representatives may only seek another member of AACB to attend in their place.
On 30th June each year, AACB Representatives are to report to the Secretary with the number of meetings held and attended during the previous 12 months, and a brief summary of issues/major decisions made.  If no meetings were held, advice of this is required.
The term of representation is five years, providing reasonable attendance at meetings and feedback to the Secretary is observed.
AACB Representatives are to advise the Secretary if they are no longer able to represent AACB on the respective Committee.


Members of Standards Australia related Committees

Committee   Representative Email Address Since
AG-001 Gas Appliances Scott Trevitt (Global-Mark) 2013 
AG-006 Gas Installation Committee  Lokkay Tam (IAPMO)  
AG-009 Natural Gass Vehicles Billy Tabourlos (AGA)  
AG-013 Components for Gas Appliances & Equipment  Billy Tabourlos (AGA)  
    Ibrahim Tas (Global-Mark) 2015 
AG-014  Gas Conformity Assessment Billy Tabourlos (AGA) 2013 
    Lokkay Tam (IAPMO)  
AV-003 Acoustics Human Effects  Kevin King (Global Mark) 2013 
BD-007 Glazing and Fixing of Glass Vacant    
BD-011 Interior Board Linings Vacant    
BD-058 Thermal Insulation  Vacant    
CH-010 Analysis of Metals Vacant
CH-034 Materials In Contact With Drinking Water Glen Tate (IAPMO) 2016 
CS-028 Solar water heaters Vacant
CS-033 Power Lawn Mowers and Edge Trimmers  Vacant    
CS-034 Safety of Private Swimming Pools  Vacant    
CS-037 Garden Soils and Potting Mixes  Vacant    
CS-043 Vehicle Stands and Vehicle Ramps  Vacant    
CS-055 Car Jacks & Trolley Jacks  Vacant    
CS-060 Lifejackets and Personal Safety Equipment for Small Craft Vacant    
CS-076 Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users  Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2011 
CS-077 Blood Alcohol Testing Devices Ferhun Emeksiz (Global-Mark)  2017
CS-079 Car Roof Bars  Vacant    
CS-085 Child Restraints  Fadi Alzubaidi  2016
CS-096 Equestrian Helmets  Fadi Alzubaidi 2015 
CS-101 Sports and Recreational Equipment – portable indoor and outdoor soccer goal posts  John Edwards (DLCSI)  
CS-110 Pedal Bicycles  Fadi Alzubaidi 2015 
EL-002 Safety Of Household And Similar Electrical Appliances And Small Power Transformers And Power Supplies Des Ede (SAA Approvals) 2017
EL-006 Industrial Switchgear and Control Gear  Vacant    
EL-020 Electric Water Heating Appliances  Karl Von Der Putten (IAPMO)  
ET-006 Australian IEC Conformity Assessment Committee Gina Lin (SAA Approvals)  
EV-003 Environmental Labelling Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2013 
EV-015 Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Accounting Vacant
EV-019 Collection, storage, transport and treatment of E-Waste Laurent Michoux (Global-Mark) 2013 
EV-020 Sustainable Criteria for Bioenergy Vacant    
EV-021 Environmental Management Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2017
FP-003 Fire Extinguishers  Ferhun Emeksiz (Global-Mark) 2011 
FP-009 Fire Hydrant Installation Ferhun Emeksiz (Global-Mark)  
FT-024-00-01 Food Safety (mirror Committee for ISO/TC 34/SC 17 – ISO 22000) Vacant    
HE-033 HE-033 Vendor Credentialing for Healthcare Facilities Dawn Skidmore 2016
ME-029 Fasteners Dave Gover  2017
MS-064 Chain of Custody Herve Michoux (Global Mark)  
MS-066 Hazardous Areas Competencies Vacant    
P-009 Watermark Operations Advisory Committee  Glen Tate (IAPMO) 2010 
    Herve Michoux (Global Mark)  
PL-001 Plastic Pipe Systems Coordination Yatindah Singh (Global Mark) 2011 
PL-006 Poly Pipe Systems  Yatindah Singh (Global Mark) 2011 
PL-021 PVC, ABS and Polyamide Pipe Systems  Yatindah Singh (Global Mark) 2011 
PL-022 Plastic Building Sheets Vacant    
PL-044 Reinforced Plastics Pipe Systems, Tanks and Vessels Yatindah Singh (Global Mark) 2011 
PL-045 Plastics Pipe Systems Test and Calculation Methods  Yatindah Singh (Global Mark) 2011 
QR-001 Quality Systems for the Project Industry  Gina Lin (SAA Approvals) 2012 
QR-006 Quality Assessments and Audits  Adam McDean (QMS Certification Services)  
    Craig Bates (TQCSI) 2012 
    John Edwards (DLCSI) 2010 
QR-008 Quality Systems Adam McDean (QMS Certification Services)  
QR-009 Quality Management Measurement and Test Equipment  Vacant    
QR-010 Conformity Assessment  Craig Bates (TQCSI) 2012 
QR-011 Environmental Management Systems Graeme Drake (GED Advisory)  
SD-002 Certification and Testing Standing Forum Chris Wealthy (AGA) 2008 
    Craig Bates (TQCSI) 2008 
SF-001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Leon Michailidis (Equal Assurance)  2019
SF-003 Occupational Protective Footwear  Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2011 
SF-004 Occupational Protective Clothing  Vacant    
SF-006 Eye and Face Protection Vacant    
SF-010 Occupational Respiratory Protection  Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2011 
SF-015 Industrial Height Safety Equipment  Vacant    
SF-018 Occupational Protective Helmets  Vacant
SF-023 Occupational Protective Gloves Vacant    
SF-049 Fire Fighters Personal Protective Equipment Ferhun Emeksiz (Global-Mark)  
    Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2011 
WS-001 Water Fittings Ivan Marsic (The Australian Gas Association) 2015 
WS-003 Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures  Herve Michoux (Global Mark) 2013 
WS-010 Flexible Jointing Gaskets  Vacant    
WS-013 On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Gary Kimble (Global Mark) 2011 
WS-014 Plumbing & Drainage Installation Vacant    
WS-015 Vitrified Clay Pipes  Vacant    
WS-018 Copper and Alloy Tubes for Plumbing and Gasfitting Vacant   2016 
WS-027 Domestic Water Treatment Appliances  Chris Stanko (IAPMO)  
WS-031 Technical Procedures for Plumbing and Drainage Products Authorisation Glen Tate (IAPMO) 2010
WS-040 On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Gary Kimble (Global Mark)
WS-042 Passive Grease Traps Glen Tate (IAPMO) 2018