Committee Representatives

AACB members nominate representatives for various technical and scheme committees. In order to be eligible for such a position,  nominated representatives must agree to comply with the following rules:

  1. AACB Representatives on Committees should truly represent the views of the AACB and not any specific views of a particular CB.
  2. AACB Representatives should consult with the Chair (or in his/her absence, any other Office Holder) on any contentious issue or to be advised of AACB’s views on any matter.
  3. AACB Representatives should forward any minutes or summaries of meetings/decisions made to the Secretary.
  4. If unable to attend a meeting, AACB Representatives may only seek another member of AACB to attend in their place.
  5. On 30th June each year, AACB Representatives are to report to the Secretary with the number of meetings held and attended during the previous 12 months, and a brief summary of issues/major decisions made.  If no meetings were held, advice of this is required.
  6. The term of representation is five years, providing reasonable attendance at meetings and feedback to the Secretary is observed.
  7. AACB Representatives are to advise the Secretary if they are no longer able to represent AACB on the respective Committee.


Follow the links below to view a list of Committee Representatives in each of the following categories:

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