Southpac Certifications

Southpac Certifications offers a fresh approach to certification, adding value to see businesses grow and succeed. By developing a more effective approach to the management system certification process, we are able to truly collaborate with our clients to identify their strengths and areas where improvement is required.


Southpac Certifications was established to assist organisations and leaders to get the best out of their systems and their people. Our reputation has grown around challenging existing norms and being willing to do things differently – right from the start. Our focus is on continuous improvement for our clients’ long-term success, rather than an annual tick and flick approach. All our experienced auditors are committed to equipping organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools to create a culture that fosters collaboration between systems, staff, clients and stakeholders. If it’s better for your business, we want you to achieve it. That’s why we call it Certification Differently.