EnviroSure focusses on hard-to-insure professionals who need business insurance.


We started by insuring environmental consultants when they said they couldn’t get insurance anywhere else. We like a challenge, especially an insurance challenge, so we got to work.


Now we insure business people who conduct assessments, inspections, tests, audits and evaluations and are certified, accredited or registered to conduct those activities by an industry or professional board, association or other authoritative body. We even cover you for training and consulting within the area of your authority.


EnviroSure has now created a unique insurance offering for the conformity assessment sector and is proud to offer this product to members of the AACB. The deal is approved by the Australian Government’s “Demand Driven Programs” to allow exclusivity and competitive terms. EnviroSure believes its long-standing relationship with the sector has proven that such an offering can be created.


EnviroSure offers to Accredited Certification Bodies an insurance facility for its contracted audit personnel. The offering mitigates the risk of inducement to employment as declared by Workcover Act and driven by the Financial Services Reform Act. More details on this risk is explained at this link (Subcontract warranty limitation explained).


The insurance is designed to protect the certification body and cover the contracted auditor from exposure as a result of unprofessional acts that lead to damage of a financial nature. Whilst this Professional indemnity is available and offered elsewhere, the terms offered by EnviroSure ensure maximum protection of the certification body (thus reducing their liability leading to lower premiums).


For the contracted auditor the offering meets the generally accepted practice of cover starting at $1,000,000 and for a market leading price starting at $590. Having tailored insurances for the sector ensures the expectation, of damage and loss mitigation and protection, is met and confidence is provided. Insured audit personnel can focus on the practice of auditing without the concern of potential career-ending impacts.


EnviroSure is confident its product is purpose-built and cost effective. You can rely on over 15 years of sector experience to bring you the best cover at the best price.


** Associate Member of the AACB