Global-Mark Pty Ltd is an Sydney based, Accredited Australian certification company.  We offer a wide variety of certification and education programs for organisations who want to do business in Australia/NZ.  We are structured around our 4 main services: Management Systems Certification (ISO9001, 14001, OHS, Human Services, Hospital etc), Product Certification (WaterMark, CodeMark, PPE, Gas, Electrical, Fire etc), Sustainability (Forestry, FSC, PEFC, GHG etc) and Learning Solutions (RTO and Exemplar Global Accredited courses).

We have an extensive team of specialists to support our Clients.  Each member of our team are selected for their competence, knowledge but also their people skills, as we believe a very large proportion of our auditing work is about effectively dealing and communicating with people.

The organisation started in 2005, and now services around 3500 Clients.